Why choose us?

A quick example of our work

Good Question!

Rather than try to put down our competitors we prefer to state a few facts about us as a company and also to give a demonstration of how we film and also show a few clips taken from actual events we have filmed.

As one of our creative film directors is a dancer and past choreographer we know the type of film you are looking for.

We always ensure that every dancer is on stage at all times. There is nothing worse than a parent or student purchasing a DVD only to find that when they are on stage the camera is focused on someone else. We also understand that the placement of the dancers on stage is choreographed so we ensure we film capturing the dance how it was intended.

The only exception to this rule is when there are very young performers that are not moving. In this instance we can pan our camera across them to capture close-ups of each performer.

What every event we film includes

  • DVD and Digital delivery options for all shows
  • Professional, friendly, trained cameramen
  • Minimum of 3 Broadcast quality cameras
  • Stunning sound recording
  • Fully custom printed DVD discs, DVD menus and Digital menus
  • Courtesy digital copy of the event for the Dance show
  • A stress free experience from start to finish
DVD Disc printing and Digital

How do we record and edit your event?

True Broadcast Quality cameras

The words "broadcast quality" are often used by filming companies, but what does it really mean and what is broadcast quality? The standard that most people look at is what is accepted by television companies to be broadcast on television. This is film recorded at a minimum of 50Mb/s. We only use cinema cameras that actually record at 110mb/s. This ensures that there is no grainy appearance, colours pop of the screen and faces are clear and visible at all times and really looks like a television production.

Canon EOS Cinema Line cameras
Our cameras are often used by film makers, and many productions you see on the television and in cinema use the same camera technology as us.
Rock steady tripods
We have invested in high quality tripods to ensure that our camera shots never "wobble".
Safety position cameras
We have one camera fixed on the ideal wide shot that takes in the entire stage and ensures we have every performer in the shot.
Tracking / Close cameras
We have a second and third camera that get close shots and also can track and zoom to follow individual/group performances.

Crystal Clear Dolby Sound

A great picture is nothing if not supported by high quality sound. We use professional grade recording devices around the theatre to ensure every tap, vocal, clap and backing track is captured exactly as it was heard in the theatre. We edit this mix of sound into a single high quality Dolby 2.0 mix that is featured on all DVDs and Bl-u-ray discs for every event. We also are experienced in recording live band performances, multiple microphone stage shows as well as classic dance show events.

Sound feed
We take a direct feed from the sound desk to ensure any microphone vocals are captured clearly ready to be edited into the final soundtrack.
Ambient sound
We have multiple sound recorders positioned around the theatre to capture the ambient sound of the audience and also to give the real "live" sound in the final soundtrack.
Backing tracks
We also take a copy of the CDs of any backing tracks used to mix into the soundtrack to give a rich sound ensuring the bass and fine treble sound is included.
Stage tap microphones
We position multiple microphones on the stage specifically designed to capture tap performances. This ensures that we can add this to the final soundtrack and what ever was heard in the theatre, will be heard on the DVD or Blu-ray.

Colour correction/grading on every part of your film

What is colour correction/colour grading? This is the process of enhancing and correcting the levels of colour, brightness, sharpeness and saturation of the film. This is a process that is used on every television programme and film you see. It equates to 50% of our time spent on editing and is one of the main reasons our films look as good as they do. Check out some of our demo clips to experience the difference of a professionally colour correct film.

Recorded in Cinema Log
We record your live event in something called Cinema Log. This is a flat colour profile that ensures we capture all of the details in the dark areas and also does not allow for over exposure of faces (where they look white with no detail). This allows us to make extreme changes during the editing process to increase or reduce any colour or light.
Correcting light
We check every second of your film to ensure that the correct light levels are used. As you can imagine, your event will have lighting changing constantly, so we correct the film in basic real time to ensure that the light remains constant during the film.
Correcting Colour
Sometimes some light used in your production can look great in the theatre, but not so great on film. Red is a classic problem colour for video. We use correction tools to reduce levels of some trouble colours to ensure faces are visible. We are able to reduce only specific colours so the final film still looks great but trouble colours are reduced.
Grading / Saturation
We apply a process called colour grading to your film that increases saturation of colours to make them literally "pop" off of the screen, this looks great on DVD and even better on Blu-ray!

Lets get digital...

View - Our digital viewing portal

View - Our digital viewing platform

We wanted to give you the very best experience to watch your film online. As we were not able to find anything on the market that met with our expectations we decided to build our own.

Our dedicated website is designed from the ground up specifically to ensure your event can be viewed on virtually any internet connected device in a secure way. With two form authentication needed to register, the option to build your very own librabry of show performances and options to use Airplay and Chromecast, we are sure you will find view simple and easy to use.

We already have over 1500 registered users and almost 20,000 views!


Check out our online demonstration of view at https://view.creative-films.net

Some of our customers and their comments

Many of our customers are happy to speak with our new potential comments to share their experience with us. Please contact us if you would like us to put you in touch with them.

Mandy Mason School of Dance

Thank you creative.films
Thank you creative.films for our brilliant DVDs. We received a first class service from you and we will definitely be booking you again....

Mandy Mason School of Dance

The Colne Community School

The finished film looks amazing
I have been really impressed by the quality of service provided by Creative Films. The finished film looks amazing and the level of customer service we have.

Colne Community School

Basingstoke Gang Show

Cast and Crew were delighted
Vince and the team were truly outstanding. The cast and crew were delighted with the quality and speed of delivery of the DVD of their show. Agile, supportive, creative and easy to work with, if you are thinking about who to use, stop thinking and book creative.films!
Basingstoke Gang Show