Our Demos

We have put together some demonstration clips taken from actual events we have filmed to give you an example of our filming standards

Looking for something specific? We have tagged each of our demos with the style of dance so you can find specific examples of dance style.

Kiss from a Rose (Apr 2016)
Company: Mandy Mason School Of Dance
Location: Braintree Arts Theatre
A lovely stage set with a large video wall behind the performers. Lots of LED lights used in this show.

Prison scene from Tango Tales (May 2016)
Company: Tanguera School of Dance
Location: The Kings Theatre
This dramatic scene demonstrates our recording in dark light conditions. The whole scene was designed to give a sombre, dramatic effect and included low light levels and even some artificial snow!

Feeling Good - Modern / Classic Dance (May 2015)
Company: Tina Phelps Stage School
Location: The Towngate Theatre - The Mirren Studio
Great lighting for the opening sequence with some tricky smoke (cameras don't like smoke so needs careful camera setting to get this effect right) and some great post edit correction made the opening really something special. Some great tracking with our follow camera in this clip covering the spreading out of the performers from a central group to full stage all on the same camera angle/shot.

Alice in Wonderland Ballet (May 2015)
Company: Aviv Dance Studios
Location: The Radlett Centre, Watford
A wonderful example of lighting for this ballet performance. Close ups and wide angle compliment the edit of the production. Sound was taken from the CD soundtracks with a small mix of theatre sound for the live sound / ambience.

Wings - Modern (May 2016)
Company: United School of Dance
Location: The Walter Roy Theatre
A stunning example of red light production with filler white light to ensure skin tones remain visible and true

Just like we dreamed it - Theatre Performance (Jan 2014)
Company: M & M Academy
Location: Thornden School
The filming position for this show as at the very back of the theatre in a quite raised location. Although very high, the closeup work from our camera team was still possible.

Fireflies - Ballet with extreme lighting conditions (Jun 2014)
Company: Roynon Dance Swanmore
Location: The Berry Theatre
Although extreme lighting we often recommend is avoided, in some performances it is required to get the effect planned for the performance. Knowing this information in advance, we are able to prepare our camera crew and they can make very quick adjustments to our cameras to ensure we capture your performance as it was intended. This clip is a great example of this.