Our Demos

We have put together some demonstration clips taken from actual events we have filmed to give you an example of our filming standards

Looking for something specific? We have tagged each of our demos with the style of dance so you can find specific examples of dance style.

Avatar from Body Electric 2017 (Jul 2017)
Company: Bodywork Company Dance Studios
Location: Gordon Craig Theatre
This graduation show was filmed using 3 cameras and multiple microphones. Some extreme lighting conditions that needed to be colour graded during the editing process to ensure the blue didn't overwhelm the performance.

Kiss from a Rose (Apr 2016)
Company: Mandy Mason School Of Dance
Location: Braintree Arts Theatre
A lovely stage set with a large video wall behind the performers. Lots of LED lights used in this show.

Brave (May 2016)
Company: United School of Dance
Location: The Walter Roy Theatre
Great lighting on this piece, with a mix of theatre sound and cd backing tracks giving a full and live sound.

Omelette! the Musical (Jul 2016)
Company: The Company Present
Location: Westcliff Theatre Clacton
Beautifully lit stage and some great colour grading really helped to make the colours pop on this production. We also used a camera raised at the very top of the theatre to enable a view of the projection screens incorporate into the stage set.

Showhow Theatre Performance (Jul 2014)
Company: The Company Present
Location: Westcliff Theatre Clacton
A high octane performance from The Company Presents, this highlight was taken from the Showhow 2014 show at the West Cliff Theatre.

Vocal performances from 15th Anniversary Show (Oct 2016)
Company: Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School
Location: Hackney Empire
This clip was taken from the 15th Anniversary showcase and features 5 cameras located centrally to the stage and also close tracking cameras left and right of the theatre. A great example of some great closeup work and also with a feed from the sound desk mixed with the ambience microphones located in the stage to give a warm full vocal feel.

Now Pop 2015 Live in Concert (Mar 2015)
Company: Mac Productions Ltd
Location: The TownGate Theatre - Main Auditorium
This promotional film was created for a professional stage production company to use in advertising of their new show, Now Pop 2015 Live In Concert. Superb lighting and sound throughout the show was captured in this recording showing the wide range of lighting and colours that we can capture. For the onstage shots we used glide cams that were filmed during the dress rehearsal and were then mixed into the final production to give the seamless glide past of the vocalists.

Psycho (May 2016)
Company: Aviv Dance Studios
Location: The Radlett Centre, Watford
A complex stage lighting for this performance, mostly lit by side and rear lights made it an interesting edit. A large amount of colour correction was needed to ensure the orange colours popped well and also to ensure that faces remained visible.

The Company Presents - Solo Tap Performance (Jul 2015)
Company: The Company Present
Location: Westcliff Theatre Clacton
This is a perfect example of our stage microphones picking up the tap dance of this solo performance. Once edited to the sound track CD we get a perfect level mix ensuring every single tap is audible

Seize the day - Theatre Production (Jul 2014)
Company: The Company Present
Location: Westcliff Theatre Clacton
The most important feature of this film was ensuring the quality of the lighting as well as the fast changing stage placements was managed. Moving from very different stage settings with no pause (black outs) is very challenging. Our camera crew need to constantly make fine adjustments to the cameras to ensure consistant and high quality images.