Our Demos

We have put together some demonstration clips taken from actual events we have filmed to give you an example of our filming standards

Looking for something specific? We have tagged each of our demos with the style of dance so you can find specific examples of dance style.

Ghost Town (May 2016)
Company: United School of Dance
Location: The Walter Roy Theatre
Another clip from the United School of Dance, lovely use of subtle colours to support the theme of the dance

Moving On (Jul 2016)
Company: Junior Masters
Location: Westcliff Theatre Clacton
This extract was taken from the Moving on show performed by Junior Masters. Some fantastic lighting scenes

The Age of Aquarius (Jun 2016)
Company: Bodywork Company Dance Studios
Location: RADA Studios - Studio Theatre
This live vocal production was part of a showcase performed by Bodywork Company Dance Studios. With a sound feed of the vocal elements taken from the sound desk, a mix of the ambient theatre microphones and also the backing tracks mixed into the final sound edit.

Burlesque from Decadance (Mar 2016)
Company: Dance Box Studios
Location: The Venue - Walton High
A stunning show with superb lighting showing a large cast using the entire stage.

Prison scene from Tango Tales (May 2016)
Company: Tanguera School of Dance
Location: The Kings Theatre
This dramatic scene demonstrates our recording in dark light conditions. The whole scene was designed to give a sombre, dramatic effect and included low light levels and even some artificial snow!

Vocal / Instrument performance from Tango Tales (May 2016)
Company: Tanguera School of Dance
Location: The Kings Theatre
An extract from the Tango Tales show at the Kings Theatre. A great example of how we can capture both vocal and instruments using a mix of the sound feed and our stage microphones.

the 5th (Jul 2016)
Company: The Company Present
Location: Westcliff Theatre Clacton
The opening of the 5th Anniversary show from the Company presents. Some great changing lighting states and fast action dancing.

One short day Musical Performance (Jul 2014)
Company: Bodyrox Productions
Location: Fernham Hall
A full west end style theatre performance with multiple vocalists. This clip shows perfectly the quality of sound recording we can achieve with our multiple microphones positioned around the stage and theatre. We also took a feed direct from the sound desk to complete the mix.

Heads or Tails Tap Performance (May 2015)
Company: Tina Phelps Stage School
Location: The TownGate Theatre - Main Auditorium
A wonderful example of a tap dancing performance with really vibrant coloured costumes that really stood out in the filming. Very little colour correction required during the editing process. We had 2 stage microphones set to capture the tap dancing which was then mixed with the Theatre microphones for ambience and the CD tracks to complete the mix.

Top Hat & Tails Tap Dancing (Nov 2014)
Company: Melana Dance
Location: Portsmouth Guildhall
This tap dance performance was taken from the Melana Dance production 'One Night Only' filmed at the Portsmouth Guildhall. This demonstrates well the stage microphones we use to capture tap dancing sound. This is then mixed with the theatre microphones and a copy of the CD tracks to give a full, rich and live sound.