Our Demos

We have put together some demonstration clips taken from actual events we have filmed to give you an example of our filming standards

Looking for something specific? We have tagged each of our demos with the style of dance so you can find specific examples of dance style.

Hype from #trending by The Company (Jul 2014)
Company: The Company Present
Location: Westcliff Theatre Clacton
Another fast moving performance from The Company Presents. The lighting changed from shadowed effect to brightly lit stage during this clip. Our cameras and crew were able to capture the extremes of lighting and ensure this was portraid in the edit.

Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Performance (May 2014)
Company: Living the Dream
Location: Alban Arena
A nice example of our microphones capturing vocal and live instrument performances. Also some nice close ups of this individual performance.

Forest Spirits - Modern / Classic Performance (Mar 2014)
Company: Melana Dance
Location: The Kings Theatre
A mix of lighting in different areas of the stage is a challenge to our camera teams, but with our expert editors we are able to create a stunningly clear final product as shown here.

Verve Street Dance Performance (May 2014)
Company: Aviv Dance Studios
Location: The Radlett Centre, Watford
A great Street dance example with some varying stage lighting levels that needed careful attention by both the camera team and the editing team to make this clear final production. Perfect filming position for our team, exact centre and at stage level.

Come fly with me - Tap Performance (Jul 2014)
Company: Classique School of Dance
Location: The Kings Theatre
Of course stunning quality filming is nothing without sound to match, and with many tap performances in the Classique show ensuring the quality of the sound was one of the key requirements to this event. This is always a challenge to any filming company, but thanks to our high quality theatre microphones we are able to capture tap dance sound as demonstrated in this clip. With 5 microphones and sound recorders placed around the theatre including dedicated stage microphones at floor level we are able to record perfect quality taps as well as capturing the 'live performance' sound you will hear.

Do Re Mi - Musical Performance (Jul 2014)
Company: Bodyrox Productions
Location: Fernham Hall
A great example of the feed taken from the sound desk is shown here. With some extra sound from the theatre microphones we used and then the CD tracks blended in to the mix we get a rich live sound throughout. As we had a small group on the stage during most of the performance we could use our tracking camera to keep tightly in on the performers giving some stunning close up shots.

Circus - Modern Dance Performance (Jul 2014)
Company: Petersfield Academy of Dance
Location: Peterfield Festival Theatre
Although our cameras had to be positioned slightly to the right of the theatre we were still able to capture some superb footage from this dance show. Our tracking camera assists in reducing the appearance of the angle so is used as much as possible by our expert editors.

Just like we dreamed it - Theatre Performance (Jan 2014)
Company: M & M Academy
Location: Thornden School
The filming position for this show as at the very back of the theatre in a quite raised location. Although very high, the closeup work from our camera team was still possible.

Birth - Classic Dance (May 2014)
Company: Aviv Dance Studios
Location: The Radlett Centre, Watford
A great example of a dark lit stage with colour changes.

Live and Let Die - Classical Performance (May 2013)
Company: Aviv Dance Studios
Location: The Radlett Centre, Watford
Live and Let Die performance by Aviv Dance Studios filmed in May 2013